Dear reader of the ICUltrasonics e-Proceedings!

We have received some 320 copyright transfers so far, thank you very much. A mailing to inform all of the 2007 ICU Vienna attendees has been sent out. Equally as well we feed the CrossRef with the Document Object Identifiers (doi, you can find it in the PDFs) for referencing. Soon we will as well get the google scholar indexes to include the ICUltrasonics e-Proceedings.

As promised we have added a keyword list, please find it on the right hand side. This list is loaded, when the page is loaded (in contrary to the authors list, which is just loaded when you need is...

In some respects we consider this a preliminary version, hence we continuing to ask for any feedback you would have for us. Please mail your critics, suggestions or questions to us.

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ICU International Congress on Ultrasonics
Chairman: Nico F. Declercq
president: Suk Wang Yoon
Secretary General: Sigrun Hirsekorn
Deputy Secretary General: Ewald Benes